The Dire Wolf Project was started in 1988 in order to bring back the look of the large prehistoric Dire Wolf in a domesticated dog breed. The National American Alsatian Breeder's Club governs the project and standardizes breeding practices for this unique large companion dog. Health and temperament remain the highest priority over the look of the Dire Wolf, so this project is slow and methodical. Join us on a historical journey of Dire Wolf memories and watch as we domesticate history one generation at a time.

Dear Prudence, an American Alsatian. Photo Credit: Vallecito Alsatians.

Mission Statement

Dire Wolf Project Mission Statement

The Dire Wolf Project is dedicated to working closely with prominent paleontologists in the field to replicate the exact bone and body structure of the prehistoric Dire Wolf in a unique large breed companion dog.

I realize that all breeds can be trained (modified behavioral training) into companion dogs, but as I have stated, people who have never been into dogs and who have come to me from the neighborhood had dogs that they wanted or needed me to help train. They searched for the right dogs to fit into their homeowner neighborhoods.

These homeowners had several choices: working dogs who herd, draft dogs, toy/companion dogs and the hounds, but some of them wanted a large companion dog. Oh, they liked to do stuff, but not on an "all out" show/trial type business. Heck, they hardly have the time.

So, I had a choice, to go ahead and create such a breed that everyone wanted so that they wouldn't need to bring the dog to training classes or so they could train them easily and not fight with that bird dog or terrier to make him into a companion dog.

Dire Wolf Project Founder,
Lois E Schwarz
Feb. 22, 2005

Volunteer with Us

The Dire Wolf Project could use your help. Volunteers can help maintain facilities and grounds such as fence maintenance, building restoration and kennel sanitation. Socialization and basic puppy training are very important for a well-balanced companion dog and volunteers help make that happen, too. Occasionally we also need volunteers for event staffing. Help is also needed to input all the data and information on litters as they come.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the Dire Wolf Project sites, please email us to discuss how your time and talents can help!

Maya, an American Alsatian


Be a part of our Earth's history.

Help to create a living Dire Wolf replica that will aid scientific research and build a deeper understanding of prehistoric life.

100% of your donation goes to fund research toward the Dire Wolf Project.

Help us change the world by domesticating history!

Plan Your Visit to the Dire Wolf Project Headquarters

Come observe, photograph, and snuggle with these domesticated prehistoric Dire Wolf dogs in the making. You can learn about their fascinating 24 year history and meet the founder of this new and unique large breed of companion dog.

The Dire Wolf Project headquarters is nestled in the beautiful Sam's Valley in sunny southern Oregon an hour from Crater Lake National Park. This quaint farm housing the majority of dogs from the project is home to sixteen of some of the most beautiful American Alsatians living today. It is the perfect place to come and enjoy.

Please contact the Schwarz Kennels for more information and to plan the details of your trip. See you there!

9 week old American Alsatian puppies.

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